Sea Moss Gel (8oz)

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Sea moss gel contains 92 of the 102 essential amino acids needed by the human body

-Nutrition: 90% of our essential minerals, rich in magnesium plus detoxifying fiber, pectin, and sulfur.

-Thyroid: extremely rich in iodine, and raw ‘ingredients’ to make thyroid hormones.

-Lungs: expectorant, rich in potassium chloride, dissolves mucus, clears congestion.

-Brain: neuro-protective, reduces oxidative damage, and cerebral inflammation.

-Digestion: works as a mild laxative, feeds good bacteria, demulcent soothes gut, and aids digestion.

-Metabolism: reduces appetite, increases satiety, boosts metabolism, promotes weight-loss.

-Immune: helps remove heavy metals from the gut, neutralizes radiation, builds anti-oxidants.

-Hormones: Improves hormonal balance, boosts sexual desire, increases testosterone

-Sexual: promotes sexual function

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